Black Towels: The Stylish and Functional Choice for Hair Salons

black towels

Black towels are a timeless and practical choice for hair salons. Here’s why black is beautiful when it comes to salon towels, along with some tips for choosing the best black towels for your salon.

Why Choose Black Salon Towels?

Black towels offer distinct advantages for busy hair salons:

Classic, Stylish Look

A black towel has a classic, sleek look that suits any salon’s style and branding. Black is always in fashion and works with any color scheme. Black towels will coordinate beautifully with your salon’s decor. The deep black color exudes elegance and luxury.


Black doesn’t show stains readily, which is a big plus in the salon environment. Towels come in contact with all kinds of hair products and chemicals daily. Black hides the inevitable discoloration and stains that come with regular salon use. Light colored towels would look dirty and dingy in no time.


Black dye holds up extremely well to commercial laundering, ensuring the color stays rich and your towels look great wash after wash. Investing in high-quality black salon towels means years of use. The black dye is colorfast and won’t fade to grey or take on a washed out appearance over time.

What To Look For When Buying Black Salon Towels

Keep these factors in mind when selecting black towels for your hair salon:

100% Cotton

Cotton excels at absorbing moisture while remaining breathable and comfortable against the skin. Inferior synthetic fibers don’t absorb as well. Insist on 100% cotton towels. Cotton is also hypoallergenic, free of irritating chemicals.


Look for plush 400-600 GSM weight towels. Thicker density means more absorbency and durability. Lightweight towels won’t hold up to heavy salon use. Luxurious 600 GSM black towels provide spa-like quality for clients.

Large Size

Around 16 x 27 inches is ideal. Large salon towels provide full coverage, drape comfortably and are versatile for tasks. Small towels frustrate stylists and clients. Large black towels make clients feel pampered.

Laundering Process

Industrial laundering kills germs and deeply cleans. Confirm any prospective towels are safe for hot commercial washing and drying. Hot water washing also helps preserve the deep black color over many washes.

Hemmed Edges

A double-stitched hem prevents fraying over time. Avoid towels with rolled or unfinished edges that can unravel with regular commercial laundering. Quality hemmed edges last for years.

More Benefits of Black Salon Towels

Beyond the basics, black salon towels offer additional advantages:

Sophisticated Image

Elegant black towels project a refined, upscale salon image that reflects well on your brand. Clients associate black with luxury.

Coordinates With Anything

Unlike white towels that can clash with some color palettes, classic black complements any stylist station decor.

Dramatic Backdrops

Black towels provide the perfect neutral backdrop to showcase vivid, creative hair colors. Bright colors pop against black.

Salon Flexibility

Keep the same black towels as you update your salon’s look. Towels won’t clash if you change color schemes.

Why iTowels Black Salon Towels?

Our 16 x 27 inch black salon towels check all the boxes for quality and performance. Here’s why our towels are a cut above:

Thick and Plush

With a lush 600 GSM weight, our cotton towels provide spa-like comfort and superior absorbency. Clients love the soft, luxurious feel. Our towels are on the high end of thickness for the industry.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Double-stitched hems, dense cotton and vivid black dye allow our towels to thrive under the harsh demands of salon life. We back our towels with an exclusive Salon Tough guarantee. Our towels are made for commercial use.

Laundry Safe

Our towels are specially engineered to withstand industrial washing and drying at high temperatures. Hot water sanitizes and removes stains while preserving the rich black color and softness. No need to launder gently.

Value Priced

We pass bulk savings directly to salons. Despite being far superior to retail towels, our prices are comparable. Get exceptional quality without paying premium prices. Our towels provide spa quality for salon prices.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you aren’t completely thrilled with our black salon towels, simply return them within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked. We stand behind our quality.

Caring For Black Salon Towels

Follow these tips to keep black salon towels looking fresh and lasting for years:

Wash Hot

Wash in the hottest water safe for the fabric and dry completely. Heat sanitizes and removes buildup that can degrade fibers over time. Don’t be afraid to crank up the temperature.

Use Color Detergent

Detergents specially formulated for black fabrics help preserve the rich, dark color wash after wash. Avoid bleach. Find a detergent that prolongs the black dye.

Inspect Frequently

Check for tears or holes and mend them promptly. Small problems become bigger if left unaddressed. Don’t wait until towels are tattered.

Act Fast on Stains

Don’t let stains set. Pretreat spots ASAP with stain remover safe for black cotton. Stains are easier to remove when fresh.

Discard When Needed

Retire towels once they become too threadbare or stained. Trying to salvage towels past their prime is false economy. know when to say goodbye.

Style Black Towels To Suit Your Brand

Beyond basic black, customize towels to complement your salon’s image with:

Creative Hem Stitching

Upgrade plain hems with decorative stitching for a touch of flair. Try zig-zag or scalloped stitching.

Custom Embroidery

Embroider your salon’s logo or name for a signature look. Make them part of your branding.

Printed Borders

Borders along the hem or edges add tasteful pattern and color. Introduce your accent colors.

Creative Shapes

Try round, wavy or uniquely shaped towels to stand out. Be memorable with fun shapes.

Color Accents

Add colored threads or ribbons for a hint of color. Keep it sophisticated.

How to Incorporate Black Salon Towels

Integrate black towels seamlessly into your salon’s operations:

Use For Multi-Tasking

Keep stacks of black towels handy for all needs. Use to drape clients, wipe up spills, etc.

Drape Styling Stations

Let towels add polish to stylist work areas. Elevates the look.

Retail Display

Show off towels for retail. Drape on shelves or hang for sale. Promote the quality.

Complementary Colors

Pair with salon colors in accessories like smocks. Black is a perfect neutral.

Organize Neatly

Use bins, shelves and hooks to keep towels neatly organized. Clutter detracts.

Satisfy Clients With Quality Black Towels

Remember, towels are part of the client experience. Clients appreciate thick, soft, high quality towels. Equally important, your staff will love working with superior towels instead of flimsy, cheap ones. By investing just a little more in better black salon towels, you maximize long term value and client satisfaction.

Contact iTowels today to upgrade your salon with durable, spa-quality black cotton towels your clients will love at prices that make sense for your bottom line. Our black salon towels check every box for quality, durability, style and value. Pamper your clients and staff with the best!

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